AboutNo Rich UncleTM

Kick Starting a business venture is not always as easy as we think. In fact, the largest deterrent for why many people do not start their business idea is due to a lack of funds. In the Black community, this issue is compounded and traditionally we’ve experienced difficulties accessing funds from banks, family, and friends. Well, with our annual spending of 1 trillion dollars we think it’s time to fund our own endeavors and provide everything our community needs. Who’s ready for We Fund Black?

Have you ever seen the hit T.V show called Shark Tank? Well, notice how many of the non-black presenters seeking investments were pre-funded hundreds of thousands of dollars from their family and friends. This has not proven to be that easy for Black owned startups. When a company launches their crowdfund on No Rich Uncle, we all become your family and friends!

Creator Info

Have a project in need of funding? To set up an account is absolutely free. We do not charge to review your account! However, there is a small 5% site fee that will automatically be deducted from your crowdfund earnings. Additionally, credit card processing fees will range from 3%-5%.