Help us take to the next level! was created in 2013 with the mission of making melanin-owned beauty products accessible and upiquitious to an ignored population. Help us reach more people by supporting our campaign!

Elsa Fashion October 27, 2019 at 4:16 am
Pledged of $6,800 goal
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Karif  first popped up in my head exactly 6 years ago today on a cool, late summer night.  As the youngest of six older brothers, the practice of shopping for beauty products was elusive to me. “How do I know what to buy?” “That costs how much?!” and “OMG, I need to figure out my shade!” were actual thoughts that floated through my mind til I would let go of the idea and decide that beauty was just not for girls like me.

The learning curve on how to apply said products was pretty tough, too, but luckily there was YouTube.  I remember the afternoons I would spend watching hours of hair and beauty tutorials and felt the excitement. But that excitement quickly ended when it came to shopping for the beauty products my favorite gurus recommended. At MAC and Sephora, I was hit with soo many products to choose from, but the prices and lack of representation made the shopping experience daunting.  This was the beginning of Karif.

What is Karif

Karif initially formed as a beauty subscription service has since evolved to a fully-tailored e-commerce operation.  The word ‘Karif’ is in homage to the ethnically diverse and resilient community I proudly represent, the Garifuna. Since 2014, Karif has amassed hundreds of customers and fans who rely on Karif for trending and up-coming beauty brands created for women go underrepresented within the beauty community. Karif has also partnered up with 50+ beauty brands to provide shoppers a variety of products in makeup, skin care and hair, thus benefiting from the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in America: black women.

What We’ve Accomplished So Far:

We have been thinking about crowdfunding since early 2014, but decided to hold off on it until we were able to develop a successful and scale-able path to growth. In the past three years, we spoke to thousands of customers to leverage their insights, consulted with marketing/advertising experts to discover holes in our customer acquisition strategies; developed a team; and created an efficient fulfillment operation that could one day rival Amazon.

The Struggle

While we’ve been able to grow through tight budgets and bootstrap operations until we were able to reach a predictable flow of revenue, we are now faced with a few extras that we need in order to bolster our reach and achieve greater scale. We hope to use the funds acquired to pour more into the following areas of the business:

What will the Funds be Used for?

1/3 of the funds will go to: Hiring a designer to design packaging and marketing collateral.  Up until now we have been using generic store-bought bubble mailers and materials to send packages with. To create a more cohesive brand, we would like to invest in a designer to create unique packaging and then order them to be printed.

1/3 of the funds will also go to: Website/Server updates. Most of these enhancements will occur in the backend of the site, which will require the help of a developer to ensure that data is being collected and secured correctly.

1/3 final portion of the funds  will go to: Hiring a PR professional to establish media relationships on our behalf!  Seeking national and local press coverage will ensure that Karif’s mission will reach more people than traditional advertising or marketing can even dream of!  We got a first taste of it in March when we were featured on, our first public mention, EVER! Click here for a direct link to the article.

How Can You Help? 

Donating to this fund will help us accelerate the plans outlined above. If you donate how ever much you are able to, we will have more than enough to reach our goal of reaching more people!  We are gaining traction fast, we just need your support to take it to the next level.

How else can you help if you cannot donate? (We fully understand)

1. Sign up to our website for now at

2. Tell your friends about and post our link on social networks.

3. Share the content you find on on Facebook,Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

4. Follow our Instagram : @karifbeautydotcom.

5. Reach out to black influencers to let them know exists.

If you have any questions, email

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