Inspirational Outlet – “The Vertical Power Strip” Power at Your Fingertips

Inspirational Outlet is a very useful table /desk-top vertical power-strip that is always within arms reach. Add some style/class to your rooms decor with a novel new look!

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The following No Rich Uncle campaign is for my fully patented Electrical Receptacle product called “Inspirational Outlet” – Evolt365.

“The Vertical Power Strip” Power at Your Fingertips! Inspirational Outlet is the first and only power-strip/outlet with a changeable front face-plate, amongst several other cool features. This is an awesome and inspirational product born out of our community. What we need is more tangible and useful products to come from our community, and remain under our control.

Lets create, produce and sell our own products as well as services.
I am offering a handy little electrical device for the home or the office. A device with very unique features, that will provide convenience and style to any rooms decor it is placed within. Be inspired with the image of your choosing on your Inspirational Outlets front cover.

I am seeking investors, funds, comments, support, feedback, kind words, prayers, shares, and blessings to further help with the development of my product. The 3rd generation prototype is pictured in this campaign.
I am hopeful that I can receive the financial assistance that I need to move my idea into the manufacturing phase sooner rather than later.

  The Inspirational Outlet  has a detachable power cord on back of unit so you can detach the cord from the unit and move Evolt365 to another room/area in mere minutes. Try doing that with your regular power-strip, more than likely you can’t even get to your old style power-strip.

Ask Yourself and Ponder These Questions:
*Are my power-strips long flat ugly, boring and hidden under the desk and on the floor?
*Are your boring outdated rectangular power-strip’s behind the heavy couch or bed?
*Can you or your friends or family get to your present power-strip easily and quickly? “probably not”
*Can you move your power-strip from room to room in mere minutes, without a struggle? “probably not”

Why not display your power-strips for all to see and use?

 “Whitney on the desktop”                                                                    “Michelle Obama “

The rear – view of  vertical power-strip (Any old computer or monitor cord can power the “Inspirational Outlet”)

A Better Mousetrap: Ponder this –
*What if you could have a convenient, portable power-strip on top of your computer desk, side-table or nightstand ?
*What if you could choose the color combinations and outlet configurations on the power-strip?
*What if you could unplug your power-strip and move it to a different location in mere minutes?
*What if your power-strip had an optional backup battery powered USB port/s ? (To be installed in future models) Unplug and take on the deck or anywhere you will need a power source.

* What if the family photo was on the front face-plate (images of kids or pets etc)? Or your favorite sports team or celebrity.

Evolt365 has these capabilities and many, many more..
There are endless design options to choose from, to match your rooms decor. Yep Endless!!
 is designed to be placed in an open area where it can be seen and utilized by all.

The outdated power-strip is in need of a makeover and a face-lift! It is time for an upgrade !

Inspirational Outlet is here! Express yourself by simply changing the front cover.

 “King on your desk”

 “Checker style”

(Standard) Older outdated style power-strip

Pictured here is an Old-style power-strip you more than likely are using, and it is usually placed in hidden areas on your floor under the desk, behind the couch or bed. They are not at all attractive or easy to gain access too, when you think about it.

 Express yourself with a flag face-plate.


This is an Ideal product for someone older or physically challenged, because they will always have an easy to reach power supply source within arms reach. Mom or dad or grandparents won’t have to move furniture to gain access or search their/your house for a power source ever again.

This great product idea came to me in late 2013 because I needed a 120 volt power supply source on my computer desk at home to charge my cell phone and earpiece. So I did what many inventors do, I built a working prototype.

I soon realized that I could use “Inspirational Outlet” on my nightstand next to the bed and on the side table next to the couch. So I made several more prototypes and placed them around the house. Soon family and friends wanted their own, so I made more 2nd generation models.
It has been a 5 year eat, sleep, dream journey to get to this stage.

After creating  several working prototypes in the basement and proving the concept, I had a (single) 3rd gen. working prototype made. While it looks good and functions excellent, the 3rd gen. prototype needs refinement. Your donation will allow me to improve my 3rd Gen. prototype with better plastic material and give it a sleeker low-profile design.

My progress has been slow but steady. 

* 2014 – Built my first working prototype.

* 2014 – Built my 2nd gen. prototype, and I had a patent search conducted.

* 2015 – Filed for a provisional patent.

* 2016 – Filed for a non-provisional patent. Had my 3rd gen. prototype manufactured.

* 2017 – Nursed my broken left-leg and spirit back to health. “Whew!!”

* 2018 – “Notice of Allowance” from the USPTO office. Non-provisional Patent was granted.

* 2019 –  ??? for 2019_________________.???

Features of power-strip:

*Portability, Convenience, Versatility, ability to swap with your friends, family, co-workers etc..
*Tamper Resistant 120v Receptacles/Outlets.
*Detachable 14 AWG power supply cord w/ 3 Conductor PC Power Connector Socket (C13/5-15P)
*Evolt365 takes up very little real estate and has storage on top of unit for your phone or kindle/tablet while charging.
*Choice of designs and colors to match your rooms/office decor and style.
*Various models – nite lite model that’s great for a child’s room.
*Circuit breaker protection built-in.
*You can even choose the length and color of the power supply cord.
*Sleek retro, modern look.
*Easy to set-up.
*Standalone or piggyback off of a desktop monitor’s power cord.
*Daisy chain multiple units off of a single power supply cord.
*Top storage area for devices such as your tablet and cell-phones while charging.

Support and receive a reward

Reward # 2 – Larva faucet extender toy


 Reward #3 – Support the campaign and Grab yourself a tee. See other rewards.

Please consider making a donation if you can, any amount would help put me even closer to the goal line.
I would like to thank you very much for your time and consideration and contribution.

Share, like or comment. Help me by sharing this with your friends, family and spreading the word!

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