Soul Food Market

Soul Food Market Inc. will be an American supermarket chain which primarily sells products from the African American community.

Shareef Food February 16, 2019 at 7:56 pm
Pledged of $425,000 goal
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UPDATE: We have prepared and completed our business plan and the drawings of our 20,000 sq.ft. grocery store concept. Citizens Trust Bank, a black owned bank in Atlanta, GA, is holding the funds raised during our crowdfund and we have a meeting scheduled with the Senior Vice President and Commercial Banking Division Manager on ways to leverage our dollars to execute our business plan. Ultimately, our goal is to create a model store that can be replicated across the nation; a model that we hope all of you will invest in when we create our equity crowdfunding campaign! 

Soul Food Market will be a Black Owned supermarket chain selling products from the African American community. The selection of naturally grown vegetables and fruits will be sourced from Black farmers in Georgia. New and exciting products ranging from everyday necessities such as diapers and detergent to all natural household cleaning products will stock the shelves!  Soul Food Market is seeking $1.2 million dollars in a series of 30 day campaigns in order to purchase a facility currently under contract, for its renovation, and operations. Soul Food Market has plans to become an national supermarket chain reaching all major predominantly Black communities. 


Benefits of a Grocery Store?

  1. We plan to source our produce from local and neighboring state African American farmers.
  2. Become one of the largest distributors for Black owned products, creating monumental opportunities for our community.
  3. Hire and train our youth and those in our community that have a passion for healthy living.
  4. Encourage healthy living and reduce our communities obesity and other health related issues.
  5. Help redirect the 1 trillion dollars spent outside our community each year, and to establish one of the most essential parts to any community, a grocery store.
  6. Become an institution large enough to help secure a future for our community’s generations to come.

What will happen with the money raised?

Is there a need for Soul Food Market?
After sampling 500 hundred families in the local Atlanta area where we plan to open the first grocery store, our data showed that the average household spent $650 dollars a month in Groceries. With just 500 families, that’s over $3 Million leaving our community each year. This campaign is not only to help our dollar in our community, it’s also to provide our people with jobs. Currently, African Americans have the highest rates for joblessness in America, however, Black owned businesses are the second largest hiring agent after the government. Therefore, creating more successful Black owned businesses will help increase jobs within our community. Soul Food Markets, housing hundreds of products, will not only hire our community, but allows every vendor to grow with us and to ultimately hire our community as well. 

Why Support Soul Food Market?
After launching 3 years ago, I never thought that we would become an international movement to support all Black owned businesses. Since then, we’ve circulated millions of dollars in our community and even helped aspiring entrepreneurs quit their jobs to go into business full time, or to hire over 7 people in their community, or to generate over a $250,000 annually, or even to purchase their own manufacturing plant! We know we can help increase these successes for more businesses within our community, however we need your help. Having a successful supermarket where all the products sold are from our community will quickly  change the perception in our community that we are not farmers, producers, and manufacturers. 

What are the risk?
We are currently under contract to purchase a 20,000 sqft building to produce the supermarket. However, we must raise $425,000 within a few days in order to close on the property. We risk loosing $5,000 of our earnest money if our goal is not reached. On the bright side however, we are very confident we will hit this goal, especially if everyone reading this stops what they are doing and give a generous donation! Anything and everything counts! Thank you!!!

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83 thoughts on “Soul Food Market

  1. Ted

    Shareef thank you for your work and all the things you do to support the community. It feels great to know we have people like you in the world, makes me hopeful about my children’s future.

  2. Teresa Dockery

    I’m so proud to support such a worthy cause. This is definitely a step in the right direction towards changing our narrative. We’re empowering our own community ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Naimah

    I can’t wait to shop at the Soul Food Market, hopefully there will be Organic choices as well, This is a Really Good Idea.. Keep up the Great Work!!

  4. Jeanette

    1. This is an awesome idea!

    2. I have questions about the investor workshops. Will the top donors automatically be considered investors? If not, will the $1000(+) donoation be used towards any share purchases? When is the workshop? Projected shares cost?

      1. J Wood

        Can someone please address this question? I would feel more comfortable giving a large donation if I knew the answer to the following questions: Will the top donors automatically be considered investors? If not, will the $1000(+) donoation be used towards any share purchases? When is the workshop? Projected shares cost?

    1. James R. Spears

      I too have the same question as Jeanette ! I can understand giving $50 or so to the cause . We as a people need more businesses . However when you put in the likes of $500 and up you began to say “what’s in it for me “.

  5. B. Woods

    I have a location I believe here in San Antonio Texas that is located outside 3 major housing subdivisions. And near a airforce base. If you ever are intrested. Please contact me by email.. Or call on Friday’s after 5pm 2103718882. Please text your information if you want to be contacted.

  6. Hassan Al-Amin

    Good evening Empresses & Kings I made my donation however I didn’t notice where I was supposed to specify my shirt sizes..


    The Africans that live in the US should be included in this and let them import products they need from home to be sold in these stores not just African Americans, we are stronger together, MUCH.You ALL really need to go to Netflix and watch the film “Gone to Far” and you will see how we have been divide all over the planet – the power we would have if just Half of us stopped it – this store you want to do could be franchised to many blacks who care to do it ALL over the world – watch the movie and see if you get what has been done to us globally

    1. Robert M

      This! This is very smart and a great idea. Also gives black people in America exposure to foods from Africa giving them a better connection to their ancestors. We should also import foods from other places like Haiti, Jamaica and so on.

  8. Mike Ashby

    I just dropped some $$$ and I’ll continue to drop. Look man, what the heck am I working so hard for if I don’t nation build. Let’s Nation build!!!

  9. Wade

    Hi Shareef, I think this is a good idea for the community but where can investors go to get details on how you plan to execute against this vision? Do you and your team hold meetings where we could sit and review the specifics around the business proposal to us?

  10. CARISA

    This goal can be easily accomplished when you consider the Economic Power of Black Unity. If $1,200,000 Black Supporters EACH donate $1 or more we can accomplish this goal over night! If Whites and other non-Black ethnic groups on GO FUND ME can quickly and collectively raise over $106,580 to Protect The National Butterfly Foundation. What is our EXCUSE???? White folks are collecting tens of thousands of dollar$ for dogs, cats, cows and horses! If we can buy Liquor & Lottery Tickets we can DONATE and support the financial endeavors of SOUL FOOD MARKET. Don’t Talk about it…..Be about it! DONATE NOW!!! ” Observe the operations of the White Man. He is successful. He makes no excuses for his failures. He works hard in a collective manner. You do the same.”

    1. Mike A

      Sister. I absolutely agree with you. I’m amazed that we haven’t even crossed $100,000 yet. This is sad. Our black folks spend 2 hundred on hair weaves and 2 hundred on Jordan’s. And half these folks won’t donate $50 to a black owned supermarket. I’m so pissed off rght now. Everybody is sharing but nobody is donating. Donate first and then share. WTF!!?!

      1. Fatina M.

        I feel the same way. As a people we GOT to do better. This is sad. I’m sharing on all of my platforms today. The goal is attainable!!!

  11. Niesha

    This makes me so proud of my black brothers & sisters. I will continue to support this cause until it’s a supermarket chain! I pray daily for our people that we start supporting & love each other unconditionally.

  12. Merrill Smith

    If it is not about the business of building, it shouldn’t be any of our business. Will continue to support and share this information brother. We’ll get this thing done, one way or another. #PutYourMoneyWhereYourMouthIs

  13. David

    Making a donation but I come from an extensive background of startups, scalable business models, etc. Would love to help further if seeking private investment capital from African Americans. Realistically; may need some additional items secured i.e. exact product lines, etc. to maintain economic viability with the organization.

  14. Ashley Gachett

    My friend and I were just talking about this! We live in Texas but will definitely move once this is built! Oh please God this is what we need!

  15. Vanessa Williams

    I love this idea! Have you ever thought about franchising? Just think of Ray Croc and McDonald’s Franchise… Black owners establish black grocery stores across America, and eventually around the world!! You can provide training for franchisees in order to standardize the establishment. Building wealth in Black communities. That will definitely circulate the dollar 100 times over!

  16. Noah

    I appreciate your work and will be happy to fully support.

    However, you are somewhat a stranger in a personal sense. Before I donate I need a more defined plan. After the building is purchased and renovated, how will it be operated and run? What business models do you have in place? Where will the products come from specifically? What kind of business partners/contracts do you have in place in order to be successful? What is your estimated profit or return on investment per year. Do you have a business liscense in place? Do you have insight on the operation of a grocery store? Do you have an idea on employment and the amount of customers you will have? All this stuff is needed before you decide to raise money. Or else the business could fail before it’s even started, and our money is thrown away.

    I do not intend to be a critic but just to offer a critique. I am 100% for a black owned grocery store however we can not be naive during the process. The same way in which you would have to have this modeled to receive a grant or a loan, is the same way in which you should have a model to ask for our people’s money.

    So before I make a generous donation, I just ask for a more, well defined plan. So I know for certain the money will be put to good use.


  17. Joyce Williams

    I always use PayPal, I never my personal financial information
    On any form where I’ve not meet
    The CEO. please allow me to donate
    Through PayPal. Thank you

  18. Vanchamp

    Done deal on my end, Im all for this. Just wish I could enjoy the market, nothing like this exists nowhere near where I live.

  19. Taliste Baldwin

    This is Amazing I would love to have my hair product in your business ! My brand is black owned by me and my husband. Face & body supply llc & our Instagram for the business is @fandbllc

  20. GeRod Singleton

    Soul Food Market, Inc. is a GREAT idea.

    As an entrepreneur and a person who grew up in a family, whose great-grand parents and grand parents owned two grocery stores and several other businesses; I know from experience that you are going to need a hell of a lot more money than 1.2M.

    When you get to the stage where you can invite me and other would be investors, to a meeting, where you can present your “completed” business and marketing plan. I certainly may be willing to INVEST.

    If you need assistance in getting to that stage, I am willing to assist, by providing feedback, guidance, and strategic planning advice.

    I have 30+ years of corporate business / entrepreneur experience and certainly don’t mind helping others start and run businesses – THE RIGHT WAY…

    G. Singleton

  21. Marcia Martin

    I want to be a part of this Forward movement. Any volunteer or support needed I’m in there. I want this to happen this needs to happen. Ill travel to go the this super market until it franchises.

  22. Ameedah Diaab Abdullah

    As Salaam Alaikum or PEACE!! to my brothers and Sisters!! I am a firm supporter of and this brother is sincere. Let us come together and take care of business. Time is of the essence!! We can duplicate this in time, in sha Allah.

  23. Ati

    I would like to invest. What are the long term investment options? Is it shares or percentage of loss/profits based on our initial investment?

    Reply ↓

  24. Markeith Johnson

    All I have to say is that white nationalists funded George Zimmerman $2M in a matter of days simply for bail. $1.2M, Let’s go people! Celebrities, Let’s Go!!!

    1. Shira

      This can be done… What about local celebrities? I believe an initiative like this can affect a huge change and help sustain our communities.. This is great 👍

    2. Wade

      I don’t think you can compare a highly publicized shooting and trial to this. But if this project became “viral” no doubt it would be further along.

  25. clyde

    Just found out about this. This needs to go past March 17. I will definitely be contributing in three days.

  26. Karl Jackson

    Why not set this up as an equity crowdfund or debit crowdfund (nextseed)? That way people would actually have a stake in it and would be even more inclined to support?

    Also, how are you determining which BoB get into these stores? Is there a way for us to submit our brands or those we know of?

    Karl Jackson
    Founder of Black Beard Brigade

  27. Dee

    Really appreciate the vision! Do for self HAS to be our motto. So, made a donation from Las Vegas. One suggestion. Put a social media share link on the emailed receipt too. I clicked out of the confirmation from WeFundBlack and wasn’t able to use the “I funded” link. If it was on the receipt, I could go back and share it.

  28. Helen Hickmon

    Hope we make our goal! I sent $50 and please send my grocery bag. I live in NJ and want to show it off!!

  29. Mishell

    Completely believe in what you are doing. Thank you. Please continue to raise funds for this project. I am glad to be able to help. Please let me know if I can help with anything further such as promoting/marketing.

    We need this. Thank you.

  30. Jamila B

    Those of us that can’t donate should continue to share this site. I always imagine a community for us built by us. I’m a mother of 10 so I’m saving everything I can to donate before March 16. As a small business owner in Dallas, TX I know how important it is to support our people and community. I’m excited about this, let’s do this y’all!

  31. Krystal

    Should def extend this project!!! I just heard about this today. This is a move that we shouldn’t give up on 💪🏿!

  32. Roger Grant

    Hello my wife and I just came across your project on Instagram. While we are going to make a donation from our foundation we noticed that you’re almost at the end of your fundraising drive and you’re short of your goal. We find this project admirable and NECESSARY and if the numbers are coming up short we’d like to see if there is any way we can help you promote the project and raise the funds.

  33. Laurence

    I am from Nigeria and live in Canada. I donated a substantial amount because, I believe in the progress of the global African community. Your progress is mine and mine yours. I also hope that this project helps to start a regular donation drive, for the facilitation of future projects.
    Hats off to Shareef and his venerable, unnamed crew, in the background, for bringing this to the fore, as well as all the other great work, with which they have been engaged. And my respect to all the contributors so far, for believing in this dream and desiring to see its success. I don’t see one store, I see MANY!

  34. Nikitra Jackson-Sagirius

    Wishing you much success and support from Texas. This is needed in our communities and I’m looking forward to the progress you make.

  35. Maurice

    This project does need need to be promoted through other sources like YouTube maybe? There are some people like Meechex or maybe Phil from the AdviseShow who could help get more people to donate. If this were to run longer I would donate more money to this project.

  36. Eric Moudjende

    Hey Shareef,

    my family and I here in Germany were trying to support your cause and goal by donating. However, we’re not holders of credit cards, got paypal though. I think that you could collect more funds if yo u offer additional payment methods than just credit cards. Everybody got Paypal.

    Peace and love,
    Maybe next time

  37. Blu of BluTintphotography

    It’s so the curious how I’m already signed into Facebook… However, when I touch your share link they requested me to sign into Facebook. Just to an additional step that might deter one or two shares of your post. You might want to reach out to Facebook and ask them what’s going on with the algorithm to make them do you have to your particular post.

  38. Frances Sobers

    Wonderful concept!!!$$$. We want this to succeed! It takes our Village to….Raise a ‘Soul Food Market’! Recruit a team of experienced experts -volunteers-from our Village to help make this a success!!! Many layers to this project!! WE can do it! One man can have the ‘Vision’ but two+ heads are better than one! More power to you Brother Shareef!!! PS Where is this building/property located?? I will spread the Word !

  39. Felisia Smiley

    In June, our company will launch an *ALL NATURAL* Feminine product. I would love to make it available in your stores!

  40. Anthony Belton

    It seems the first thing we do as a black community is to become inclusive instead of e elusive. Your statement about we will not hire only from our community is in my opinion a backwards step. We have to look at why this move is important and stay focused on how we grow into a self sustaining economic base. Hiring outside of the black community does not lift the black community. We as a nation have trillions of dollars in economic spending but are still at 1% of the world’s wealth. We must look at our own needs and be unapologetically willing to do what is necessary for us. Everyone who works in this chain should be black. We do not expect Chinese stores to hire anyone but Chinese workers. We do not expect Mexican stores to hire anyone but Mexican workers so why should we be different. I want to pledge my support. But I will only do that we it benefits our future generations as well as support and lift us today. Your mission statement must reflect the goal of raising the black economic base above all others. Because only then can we establish a foundation that beings to build and nation where the black dollar becomes a power base that is able to be effective in driving us in the direction we chose not just the direction we are allowed by others.

  41. Whitney Norris

    This is such a great Idea. I have given my portion but i also wanted to bless someone who said that they wanted to give but just wasn’t able to give $10. I can not wait to see the chains across the US.

  42. Comedian loose cannon

    We just need $85,000 more you all we can do it my brothers and sisters. If you already gave and you can give again let’s give again

  43. John Brown

    You mentioned in the email update that phase 2 invoices locating and purchasing a property. May I ask what happened to the property you said you had under contract? The 20,000 sq ft building.


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