Umi’s Diapers

Super Absorbent . Naturally Derived Materials . For Gentle Skin

Umi's February 16, 2019 at 2:25 pm
Pledged of $20,000 goal
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Introducing UMI’S Diapers (oo-mees)

Derived from the root word Umm meaning mother, source, basis, foundation, original. We choose the term Umi as the name of the company to raise awareness of the dignified role of the mother and the divine bond between mother and child.

We don’t have a diaper company in our community. We wanted to introduce our product to the community and give the mothers in our community a voice, representation, and the ability to make decisions regarding their baby.

Diaper Features

Our Story

What We’ve Invested In So Far

Pre-Order Today and Help Us Expand

We’ve took the first few steps to invest in Umi’s. We currently have size 3 available. We need your help to be able to expand and release more sizes so that we can serve all babies. We’d Also like to launch a line of Umi’s Wipes.

More Sizes

What Your Contribution will go towards

Pre-Order Process

A long with pre-order we will solicit design ideas and feedback from those that have supported us during the pre-order campaign.

Our Timeline

We believe in transparency…

What Mothers are Saying About Umi’s Diapers

3 thoughts on “Umi’s Diapers

  1. Jessica

    Can you tell us a little more about the material of the diapers? Buying back is extremely important but chemical free is even more important to me 🙏🏾


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