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Pledged of $10,000,000 goal
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We are the change we are seeking!. We are the solution. 10 community leaders young and old have merge together with the meeting of the minds. We are grassroots and already have been serving our communities  with our own funds collectively for over 40 years winning awards from Congress, Black Women Of Political Action & more. Here are our 10/10 Super Hero Leaders.

Founder of Virtual Black Wall St & Greensoul Movement , Greensoul Indegenious Holistic Healing Center. Azalea Blalock & Brandon Biggs  have been serving the community over 20 years in the Bay area, Decatur Illinois & now Atlanta GA with holistic education , finance workshops, disease prevention with African Indegenious emphasis and natural living. They want to pay off and buy the current Greensoul healing home and make it green , expand with solar and community garden extending the healing village to 10 acres with holistic center , herb store and tiny home villlage phase 1 leading to a 200 plus  acre GreenSoul Healing Urban City where all the businesses live, work & heal green black to basics (c) to our Indegenious nature as first parents.

Ras Price & Kimberly Tate – Prisoners Lives Matter Movement Foundation both VIP members of Virtual Black Wall St. are founders of PLMMF.org. too many innocent Original Indigenous people are being put in prison and dying at an alarming rate. Mass Incarceration is the new slavery. PLMMF .org fights for the oppressed and innocent in jail/prison. Funds will aide in empowering and educating individuals of our natural rights and to help the innocent to be released. They can start over Securing the services of Natural Rights Lawyers, SPC, Third Party Intervenor, Criminal Justice Advocates, & Prison Reform.

Christopher Lindsay owns currently a vegan shop.in Atlanta GA. Called Viva La Vegan where he serves delicious Vegan food and wishes to expand to a larger building and franchises, his super tasty dishes change our Indegenious people from fast food to health food .

Rehema Yehembre  is a proud VIP VBWS member she is a professional dancer and health advocate of over 45 years she is from the Bay area and Ghana and teaches healing through movement and her project will teach of ancients ways to heal across the world through African movement.

John of 3rd Eye Juicing currently has a juice spot incubator he had cancer and healed himself with juicing and wants to expand employing youth and elders teaching them the benefits of juicing .

Paradise The Poet of 40 years in Oakland CA. Heals through poetry in fact they have a Paradise day in honor of him . He is known for his anthem ” They love everything about you but you ” . He wants to have a building and land to have a Paradise Cultural Land Of Healing for the community .

Rashida, “The Dancing Popcorn Lady, is the Creator of a tried & true All Natural Gourmet Popcorn snack food brand. She has a diverse background of nearly 100 years of African dance instruction, choreography & performance experience across 3 continents between her and her father, Baba Ali Abdullah, former choreograher for the Senegalese National Ballet. At 80 yrs old he has been deemed a National Treasure. Rashida seeks to foster stronger, healthier, happier communities via the universal languages of high frequency music, food, fashion dialogue & creative dance expression. Popcorn distribution & sales expansion will help fuel & preserve this rich historical legacy where cultural preservation meats creative innovation.

Juan Warren of Total Housing Solutions has helped many people get homes including Greensoul/ Virtual Black Wall St. Her project is to help youth by setting up group homes enabling a healthy alternative utilizing the village concept of elders helping youth .

Fari Shields grassroots green community advocate of 30 years, he employs the community through his green cleaning business, green comics, and high frequency healing music. He wants to start a healing village in the Bay area employing others to be kind to the earth and live there and learn life skills.


Taj Nellums – Taj is very active in youth leadership in Atlanta Ga. And is a VIP member of Virtual Black Wall St. She is opening up a bistro as she is 20 and a phenomenal cook, she wants to employ other youth and leads the youth advocacy.

  • Ananda Blalock is known as realtarzania on Instagram , she is a graduate of Pearl Academy a agricultural school.prodigy of principal Virgie Sanyang and owner . Ananda is excellent with animals, nature , building natural homes, and she wants to continue exploring rainforest and forestry teaching the community about natural living, wildlife, natural foods through exploration of travel . Her first stop January 2-17th  2020 at the age of 19 is Thailand , Bali Indonesia, Egypt & the Congo , she is saving the planet through education to youth and elders. She is setting up a realtarzania spot in Greensoul healing village to teach the community what she has learned through her travels .

Genesis – Genesis is extremely brilliant youth at the age of 18 she speaks 7 different languages and counting , she said in interview with VBWS that she learned through being homeless how to speak difference languages and how to relate to all people in doing so she is self taught and she wants to teach other people to speak difference languages and what she has learned through life.

Dwayne – Dwayne is 16 and his intrest is film . He currently is in a filming program and wants to start a film studio.foe youth to explore their talents hoping one day soon to meet Tyler Perry since the studio is right around the corner from the Greensoul Healing house.

Xavier Blalock – His intrest is in real estate investment and day trading at the age of 18 . He is a high school student this year and he wants to stay a investment for youth teaching them they don’t have to work for someone else they can learn to invest now.

Trevion – Trevion King is a fashion designer at the age of 17 . He wants to inspire youth to design their own fashion through thinking out the box .

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